The cost of running the History Hangar web site has been paid for by Bill Bishop since its inception.

The 400 Squadron Historical Society has reimbursed Bill's costs on an annual basis as follows:

2011 costs $500.00;

2012 costs $894.74;

2013 costs $628.70 (up to August 31)

The 400 Squadron Historical Society has been unable to raise any new funds and has limited funds remaining.

In order to ensure the ongoing operation of the History Hangar website, the HISTORY HANGAR SOCIETY was formed and incorporated on August 31, 2013. In addition to carrying out its mission (see below), the Society will be responsible for raising funds to ensure the ongoing operation of the website.


Mission Statement

On a volunteer and non-profit basis the objectives of the society are:

To provide a permanent digital repository of history related items for 400, 411 Squadrons and 2 Air Reserve Wing, bringing an accurate, interesting and entertaining experience for current and past members, friends and future generations.

To raise monies sufficient to cover the annual operational costs of running The History Hangar website, through the sales of memberships and/or donations.


Following a meeting held in Toronto on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, the following filed a Memorandum of Association for a Non-Profit Society:

Bill Bishop; Garry Alexander; Ron Wylie; John Tapper; Mike Gantwerger.

They became the first Directors of the History Hangar Society with the following positions:

President and Director, Bill Bishop [400 Squadron from February, 1958 to August, 1964]

Vice President and Director, John Tapper [411 Squadron from January 1965 to April 1966]

Secretary/Treasurer and Director, Garry Alexander [400 Squadron from April, 1958 to February, 1965]

Director, Ron Wylie [400 Squadron from September 1960 to September 1977; 411 Squadron from September 1977 to May 1984]

The Memorandum of Association was approved on August 30, 2013 and the History Hangar Society became incorporated under the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia on that date.

The complete Memorandum of Association may be viewed by clicking HERE.


The History Hangar website will only survive if we are able to raise sufficient monies (approximately $1,000.00 per year). We plan to do this through the sale of Annual Memberships for $30.00.

Not everyone has the skills or the time to volunteer to assist in producing the History Hangar website, but those who do, ask only one thing in return for their efforts ... your financial support to ensure the ongoing operation of the website they work so hard in producing and keeping up to date.

We hope to attain a target of 100 members which will net approximately $2,500 per year for the History Hangar Society. Any monies left after operating expenses are paid will be invested in a daily interest Savings Account and held for future years when memberships may decrease below the level able to support the annual operating costs. In this way we hope to maintain the presence of the History Hangar for many years to come, to the benefit of future generations.


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