Music Bay

Many of the musical offerings in our Member's Music Section, were played and recorded by Members (either current or past) of 400 Squadron.

Ray Muise

Ray served with the squadron from 1959 through 1962 as a member of the permanent force assigned to 400/411 Squadrons as a Comm Air Tech. Although Ray stands only 5 feet tall, thus earning him the nickname 'Shorty', he has a giant personality, talent, and presence.

See article originally published in our PropWash Blog)

In addition to his talent as a barber (he cut hair for squadron members during our Summer Camp at Trenton ... sober or drunk) Ray was perhaps best known for his harmonica playing ability, which was considerable. As proof of his talent, we are pleased to share 11 songs he recorded with various musician friends (identified below).

We hope you enjoy the wonderful trip Ray offers. Back to a time when music had harmonious melodies and you could understand the lyrics.