Poetry Bay

Below are those who have contributed to the Poets Corner.

Bill Bishop

Bill served with 400 Squadron from February, 1958 through August, 1964 as an Air Frame Tech then Mech Air, attaining the exalted rank of Acting Corporal (never could pass those damn Trade Boards).

Sometimes referred to as 400 Squadron's "ww1ace", Bill started our PropWash News Centre and this History Hangar Web site, our Photo Albums site, and all the other web background presences which contribute to the functioning of these sites.

He has also, over the years written poetry and has kindly shared several of his poems with us.

Raymond Muise

Raymond (Ray) Muise was always referred to as "Shorty" during his tenure with the squadron (Permanent Force) from 1958 to 1961. By today's standards, this derogatory nick name came from his diminutive stature .... Ray is 5 feet tall. But he is a Giant among men in the talent department. He was a professional photographer for many years, is an excellent harmonica musician and singer, a book writer, and active poet.

We strongly recommend you sample Ray's musical talent (after reading his Poetry offerings of course) by listening to the recordings of many old standards featured on his Music Page. This can be accessed by clicking on the Member's Music link found in The Arts Centre section on the left side navigation panel.

Take a moment to read some of the poems he has shared with us.