Here are all the links to 400 Squadron History Sections

This is the complete 1998 book written by Ron Wylie "On Watch To Strike". It is displayed

A well written article written by Carl Mills with lots of photographs and a precise overview of 400 Squadron's History

Videos capturing the 1958-1964 era; Squadron History from 1932-2012; with more to be added

Article, with photographs of the discovery, in 2011, of t;he original 110 Squadron Pennant presented just prior to the Squadron going to war in 1940

A write up, photos, and videos showing the complete dedication ceremony of 400 Monument in June 2012 at the National RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario

A collection of many {not all) of the Squadron's newsletters published overseas during the war years

A written History of 400 Squadron published in 1982 for our 50th Anniversary

A written History of 400 Squadron published in 1965 to celebrate he 25th anniversary of our arrival in England

A condensed version of our History Overview written by Carl MIlls for our 2012 Monument Dedication. This is a download able .pdf document

A little know part of 400 Squadron's History was the role its personnel played in the formation of two other squadrons who made up No. 39 (R) Wing, R.C.A.F., in No 83 Group of Second Tactical Air Force.