This Bay Contains the Complete 400 Squadron History Book writtenn by Ron Wiley in 1998

It has been broken into manageable sections to make it easier for find the area of interest you desire

You may download any of the sections to your own computer (they are optimized PDF files) which you can read in Adobe Reader (or other pdf reader). To download click the 'Pop Out' button (4 arrows) on the top right of any page below. This will open the file you selected in a new tab. Then find and click the download arrow on the page you are taken to. To return to The History Hangar, close the new tab that was opened.

The Early Years


War Clouds & The War Years

400Book_War Clouds_TheWarYears.pdf

The Early Post War Era &The 50's & 60's


The 70's, 80's & 90's



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