Not everyone is aware of the fact that 400 Squadron has commissioned, or been gifted, quite an extensive inventory or Artworks

To provide clarity to this inventory we have divided these artworks into three Collections as follows:




Should you wish to view lists of artworks and background information on each collection continue scrolling down this page.

Should you wish to view images and 'mini' write ups of each artwork/painting select the Virtual Art Gallery you wish to visit.

Gallery # 1 contains 18 paintings from our ORIGINAL PAINTINGS COLLECTION

Gallery # 2 contains 2 dioramas from the Trethewey Era and 7 dioramas from the World War II Era

Expected Ready Date July 31, 2019

Gallery # 3 contains 9 dioramas from the Downsview Era, 4 dioramas from the Borden Era, and 1 Diorama from the Future Era

Expected Ready Date July 31, 2019

Gallery # 4 will eventually contain 25 paintings from the 100th Anniversary Collection. Here are the estimated ready dates:

  • August 30, 2019 with 18 paintings under way, the remaining 7 will be added as they are completed


In 2009 Carl Mills began identifying and documenting the paintings owned or commissioned by the Squadron. To date he has identified 22 paintings known to exist and has managed to get photographs for 18 of them.

The locations of these paintings vary from being in museums, to private collections, or located at the Squadron's Offices in its current hangar. The location of several of the artworks are unknown, as are the artist who painted them.

He is still trying to identify additional paintings which were commissioned by the Squadron and gifted to departing Commanding Officers.

We implore anyone with knowledge (or potential leads) of additional paintings to contact us by clicking either eMail button below.


01 Spitfire PRXI

Artist: Peter Mossman

02 Tomahawk (First Flight Of)

Artist: Unknown

03 Mustang In Blister Hangar

Artist: F/L Carl Schaeffer

04 Pilots in Ready Room

Artist: F/L Carl Schaeffer

05 Early Morning

Artist: F/L Carl Schaeffer

06 Midnight Snack

Artist: F/L Carl Schaeffer

07 Unknown Title

Artist: F/L Carl Schaeffer

08 Mustang I

Artist: W/C Philip de Lacey

09 Mustang I

Artist: Peter Mossman

10 Mustang I Pair

Artist: Peter Mossman

11 Vampire Taking Off

Artist: Peter Mossman

12 Vampires Over Downsview

Artist: David Bosanquet

13 Two Sabres

Artist: D.B. Garland

14 Checking The Targets

Artist: Ken MacDougall

15 Tomahawk (Spitfire Bridge)

Artist: Mrs. J.R. Hitchcock

16 Griffon (CH146)

Aritist: Jim Belliveau

17 Lysander

Artist: Frank Wooton

18 Otter Taking Off

Artist: Peter Mossman

19 Kiowa (Profile)

Artist: Peter Mossman

20 Vampire 007 (Over Toronto)

Artist: Don Conolly

21 Otter Over Algonquin Park

Artist: Unknown

22 Vampires At Downsview

Artist: Unknown

400 Squadron Dioramas - Overview

Celebrating 80 YEARS OF FLIGHT - 1932-2012

L/C Carl Mills (Retired) is without a doubt the most active member of the 400 Squadron Historical Society.

He is the driving force behind the majority of previous and current projects. Details of these projects can be viewed under 400 S.H.S. MAJOR PROJECTS.

In addition the numerous hours and effort put into projects he has found the time to not only write numerous articles for publication (and writes for The History Hangar), he has also conceived and constructed quite a number of 400 Squadron Dioramas representing either some specific historical event or some aspect of the unit’s heritage.

All dioramas are on one-foot (30.5 cm) square wooden plates and all items, except a few as indicated, are 1/72 scale (1 inch = 6 feet) (2.5 cm = 183 cm). Human figures are one inch (2.5 cm) high.

What started as an 80th anniversary project, Carl is still constructing the last few planned dioramas he has planned. Many dioramas have been entered into hobby contests in an effort to seek a form of ‘peer review’ and thus give a reasonable indication of quality. Most of them were awarded either first or second place prizes.

The first diorama completed, the Gipsy Moth, was awarded first place AND also judged ‘best in show - people’s choice' from about 300 models entered in the show.


We have organized Carl's dioramas into the following eras:

  1. Trethewey Farm Airfield Era 19322-1939 [7 years - 5 aircraft - 2 dioramas]
  2. Second World War Era 1939-1945 [6 years - 5 aircraft - 7 dioramas]
  3. Downsview Era 1946-1996 [50 years - 7 aircraft - 9 dioramas]
  4. Borden Era 1996 to present [21 + years - one aircraft - 4 dioramas]
  5. Future Era ...................................................................... 2 dioramas

Trethewey Farm Airfield Era 1936-1939



Second World War Era 1939-1945

The balance of this page is under construction and is expected to be finished by early fall of 2019

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