This Bay is dedicated to the Projects currently being worked on by the 400 Squadron Historical Society.

These are "living" pages and information will be added as NEW and various stages of each project are completed.

The History Hangar wishes to express our gratitude to Carl Mills who has provided the write ups for these projects. I am sad to say that his hard work and dedication are often times not know about nor recognized.

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Links To Projects

Creation and Construction of the Brass Poppies; Photographs of Brass Poppies at Graves of 400 and 411 Squadrons Commanding Officers and Honour Roll Members around the world; other photographs of notable graves with Brass Poppies

Article explaining this project and photos of all Ad Astra Stones placed at the 400 Squadron placed around our monument at the National RCAF Museum at Trenton, ON

Provides details about the project and photographs of the completed paintings which are on display at the Base Borden Museum