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D. "Dave" Miller

LCol Dave Miller was raised in Ailsa Craig Ontario and enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1988.

He attended the Royal Military College of Canada, graduating with a B.Sc. in Applied Science.

In 1994, he was posted to 427 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Petawawa, where he flew both the CH-135 Twin Huey and the CH-146 Griffon helicopters. During this posting he was deployed to Haiti in 1995 in support of the UN Nations Mission and to Bosnia in 1999 in support of NATO operations.

In 2000, he was posted on exchange with 33 Squadron of the Royal Air Force where he served as the Squadron Operations Officer flying the AS330 Puma helicopter. Whilst on 33 Squadron, he deployed to Kosovo in 2000, 2001 and 2002 flying missions on the Puma in support of NATO multinational operations.

In 2001, he deployed to the deserts of Oman to command a forward MEDEVAC detachment supporting 1 UK Armoured Division.

In 2006, LCol Miller returned to 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron as a Flight Commander during which time he qualified as a Basic Special Operations Aviation pilot.

LCol Miller has held staff positions at Land Force Doctrine and Training System in Kingston, Ontario and at 1 Wing Headquarters. He has served as the A3 Operations Officer, the A3 Tactics and Electronic Warfare Officer, and most recently as the Wing A7 responsible for Doctrine, Training, Lessons Learned, and Requirements.

In 2010, he deployed with the Canadian Disaster Assistant Response Team to Port au Prince Haiti as the Aviation Liaison Officer and later assumed the role of the Air Component A3 supporting the earthquake relief effort. In 2012, he deployed to Kabul Afghanistan on OP ATTENTION to mentor the Afghan Air Force Headquarters Chief of Aircrew Standardization.

LCol Miller took command of 400 Squadron in 2013.

LCol Miller is a graduate of the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College in Kingston, Ontario and the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

He has been happily married for over 20 years to his beautiful and supportive wife Jennifer and together they have two amazing children, Katie and Josh.

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