Following a discussion between John Tapper and Mike Sheppard where the idea was first broached, John had further discussions with other members of the 411 Squadron family and received support for the idea of a fund which would be used to send cards and/or flowers to past members who were ill or had passed.

411 Squadron Benevolent Fund Established

In September of 2013 John Tapper opened a bank account in the name of 411 Squadron Benevolent Fund with the following two signatures required on any cheques issued:

John Tapper [411 Squadron from January 1965 to April 1966; from June 1967 to January 1970

John Kitay [411 from 1959 to 1970]

Both John Tapper and John Kitay will remain as administrators of the fund until further notice.

An initial deposit of $50.00 came from a donation made by Mike Sheppard.

Mission Statement

To provide comfort to former 411 Squadron members and their families in times of ill health or death.

Operation Plan

Initially we plan to send a 'get well' card to members who are ill and to send a sympathy card when a member passes. We have custom designed cards which are shown below.

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