110 Squadron Society Fund - Background

On the activation of 10 Squadron, DND did not supply many things required to operate a Squadron amongst which were Mess furniture and a conference table. The officers donated the required furniture. At the beginning of World War II the donated furniture was first rented out and then sold. The revenue from this amounted to $800.00 which was put into a fund and at the end of the war was administered by:

A/M Curtis A/C Russell A/C Irwin

A/C Russell summarized the purpose of the fund in a letter (d 7 May 58) to G/C Gooderham as follows:

“ The rather vague purpose of this trust fund is to have a sheet anchor to windward, in the event of a situation arising through Government economies (no matter how unlikely this may appear to be) by which 400 Squadron would require additional moneys for necessities for the Squadron, beyond what is provided for them by the Department of Defense. “

W/C James

G/C Gooderham

By 1971 the trustees were

A/C Irwin

A/M Curtis

During this period the fund was administered by:

G/C Irwin

then W/C James

In 1971 these directors resigned and the new directors were:

In 1971 S/L Curtis requested Col Rohmer to formalize the structure and Letters Patent were issued 31 January 1972 Incorporating One Ten Society Fund with number 000250600.

S/L Curtis (Administrator)

L/Col Georgas

Col Gilroy

110 Society - Mission

“To foster and advance the interests of all officers and men of 400 Air Reserve (City of Toronto) Squadron and former members of such Squadron which was originally named 110 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force and in particular to raise and receive funds for the purposes, among other things, of assisting and encouraging the participation of citizens in the military endeavours of 400 Air Reserve (City of Toronto) Squadron for charitable and patriotic purposes as may be considered appropriate”

Col Georgas

Col V.K. Davidson

In August 1980 Col V.K. Davidson became a director, Col Georgas became the President/Administrator and S/L Curtis resigned, Col Gilroy remained

How The 110 Society Fund Supported the Squadron

The original $800 has been invested in interest bearing instruments and has supported the Squadron in the amount of $17,008.37 as follows:

Year Amount Purpose

1961 $1,380.22 Display case for the Squadron Standard

1965 $1,685.00 Band uniforms

1971 $ 500.00 411 Squadron Standard Presentation

1972 $ 100.00 Publicity Media North West Territory Dinner

1976 $ 350.00 RCAF Memorial Fund for 400 Squadron Crest to be displayed in the Memorial Building Ottawa

1982 $ 700.00 Band Uniforms

1992 $5,000.00 Publication of Squadron History

1996 $4,000.00 Publication of Squadron History

1997 $ 93.15 Bgen Draper's Memorial Service

1998 $3,000.00 Band Uniforms

2000 $ 200.00 In memory of Sister Mary Fleurette



Col Gilroy

BGen Howard

In 1999 it was decided by the directors that the balance of the funds would be spent on a 400 Squadron monument in the RCAF Memorial Airpark at the Air Force Museum at Trenton and that the fund should be closed since the nature of the Squadron has been substantially changed. George Georgas did considerable work on this until he tragically lost his wife and died after a long struggle with cancer.

In 2011 Col Gilroy became the administrator and BGen Howard became a director.

The fund had $20,763.90 in it when the production of the monument was authorized. The funding of this project has virtually depleted the monies left in this fund.

The remaining funds were transferred to the newly formed 400 Squadron Historical Society and will be formally closed once the 2014 taxes have been filed.

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