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Is Chris Hadfield the Greatest Living Canadian?

Perhaps, it may be argued, but as far as The History Hangar is concerned the statement is unequivocally true ... and I doubt if we will change our mind.

We offer the following selected videos from Chris's varied career as our proof.

We also urge you to visit his site Official Chris Hadfield to view many more videos, speeches, and learn more about this truly remarkable Canadian.

Going Blind In Space

First a most interesting talk by Chris of "What I learned from going blind in space" ... a story of fear and how to deal with it.

Space Oddity ... Major Tom

Next, perhaps the most famous music video in the world ... Chris's live recording from space of David Bowie's great song "Major Tom" ... recorded live from space in 2013.

In Canada

And, in song, perhaps the best explanation of what it means to be a Canadian.

An Astronauts View of Earth

Finally a concerned Chris Hadfield discusses a down to earth problem of the harm we are causing our Planet Earth .... a most interesting perspective from a man who has been where none of us are likely to go!

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