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My new favouriite saying ... from Bill Bishop

That about sums it up ... from Bill Bishop

With the world the way it is today, everyone is seeing images in their food - from Jesus on a piece of toast to George Washington on a chicken nugget. Now finally someone on Prince Edward Island has found the image of Vladimir Putin on a potato.

Sent along by Member John Tapper

Sent along by Member Wilfred 'Woody' Woods

ts a guy thing ! Regardless of species, sometimes they just gotta be scratched.

Thanks to Eric Smyth

Sent along by Ron Peters

Huffty Duffty sat on a wall, Huffty Duffty had a great fall, All Harper's horses and Cheque Writing men, Couldn't put Huffty together again....

Thanks to John Williams

North Korea - all it would take to defeat these clowns is a strong magnet !

Thanks to Fred Kuzyk

And you thought horse meat in your burger was dangerous !!!


Thanks to Fred Kuzyk

hmmm....You bend down and touch your toes and I'll show you where a Wild Goose goes.

Thanks to Garry Alexander (Prof)

Got home late from golf last night and missed dinner again. Wife left me a message in the kitchen.

Guess she wants me to eat more fruit ...

Thanks to Bill Bishop

For CRIPE'S SAKE MICK, use the freakin' taser!'

Sent along by John Williams

The GRUMPY series: Thanks to John Williams

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