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History Hanagar Website Update - May 27, 2019

We are pleased to report that most of the Bays of our New website have now been completed with the exception of the following:

400 Squadron Honour Roll ... 50% finished with completion scheduled by June 30th

400 Squadron Final Flight ... completion scheduled by July 30th

400 Squadron Honorary Colonels ... completion scheduled by July 30th

400 Squadron Artwork Bay 25% completed with completion scheduled for late August

411 Squadron Bay is partially operational but a complete re-work is required, along with further research for some areas. Completion Scheduled for September 3oth. Tom Clarke has joined our happy band of volunteers to assist with this task.

The History Hangar Music Bay, Poetry Bay, and Help Centre Bay are all partially operational with completion expected by early October

Our Photo Albums site is now set up and we expect to start adding photos by mid July. John Tapper is almost finished scanning the last of Doug Bakers wartime photos and Alan Mills is doing excellent work in processing the completed scans (over 5,000 of them) and framing them. This is a herculean task and I don't think it will be completed until sometime in 2020. BUT we will be adding photos to albums starting mid July and will advise via this Newscentre when new additions are made.

Thanks to all Volunteers (Garry Alexander, John Tapper, Alan Mills and Tom Clarke, without whom this would not have been possible

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