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It Finally Happened ! - January 20, 2019

Two years ago, Google advised that they would be closing down all web sites built on "The Classic Google Sites" platform in 2019 (now 2021). On January 20th they completed transferring every page from "The Classic Site platform ... fondly referred to by our volunteers as The Green Monster ... to this website built on the "New Google Sites" platform.


HOWEVER, even though we have opened this site to the public, please understand that some links may not work, or you will be taken to the raw data imported from "The Green Monster" and not yet given the full look of The History Hangar's new presence on the Internet.

Garry Alexander, John Tapper, and I (Bill Bishop) are diligently working on a daily basis to complete the work required before we declare our new presence fully operational. Our target date for the complete remodelling is April 1, 2019 ... I could have said March 31 but perhaps April Fools day is more memorable.

I hope you will agree that it offers a cleaner look, better readability and better performance.

We appreciate your understanding and thank your for your patience.

There are two custom address that you can type into your browser's address bar:

www.thehistoryhangar.ca OR www.400squadron.ca

Either will bring you to this site

Returns you to the Main Page of Propwash News

Shows the up to date status of each page in our website relative to its degree of completion

Provides access to any Bay on The History Hangar

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