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Viewing & Downloading Photos

To Download a photo to your computer, simply right click on the photo and select "save image as ". You will then be given the option to select where you wish to save it on your computer.

Try it now if you wish.

How To Search Out Website

The "Search This Site" icon is located at the top right side of every page [icon looks like a magnifying glass]. Select it and enter what you are looking for. It will search the History Hangar and provide a link to every page where your search item is mentioned. You can search for people by entering a last name or for things like an aircraft or an event [eg. reunion]

You can try it now using "harvard" as an example ... or put in your own.

Adjust Page for Easier Reading

Increase Size of Web Page Fonts

Whether you are on our site (or any other website) and you are having trouble reading the text on the page, you can quickly and easily increase the size of them by holding down your CTRL key [CMD on a Mac] and pressing the " + " key.

Should you wish to decrease the size, again hold your CTRL key [CMD on a Mac] and press the " - " key.

Go ahead and give it a try now.

......... More to Come !

We are in the process of producing new "Instructional" and "Information Videos" which will be placed on this page. Expected completion date August 2019.

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