411 Squadron began a tradition of holding an Annual Christmas Get Together in 1976

The 'get together' is in the form of a luncheon held on the first Friday of December each year

They are always held at Katz's Deli at 3300 Dufferin Street in Toronto

Each person orders what they want and pays. There is no fee to attend the luncheon

2011 Lunceon Video

Length 2 mins 50 secs. This is the first year for which we have pictures. These were made into a video by Bill Bishop

2012 Luncheon

We've misplaced the 2012 pictures somewhere in cyber space ... but we're still searching.

If you have pictures of the 2012 Luncheon please send them along to John Tapper using the email link below

2013 Luncheon Video

Length 6 mins 53 secs. The music for this video was provided by LAC Ray Muise (PF 400/411 as an Electronics Tech) from 1959-1962.

His Music is featured in our MUSIC BAY . Please check it out .... you won't be disappointed.

2014 Luncheon Video

Length 2 mins 51 secs

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Christmas Luncheons; Standards Lain Up

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