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The End of an Era - February, 2021

History Hangar Status Website update.

The History Hangar has been the home for information of 400, 411, and 2 Tactical Air Support Squadrons since early 2010.

Bill Bishop, President/Webmaster, is experiencing health problems that are affecting his ability to continue to work on the site.

Bill has Macular Degeneration and is having difficulty seeing and can no longer perform the many tasks required.

Therefore, the site as is, will remain on line but there will be no new updates or changes made.

Further with the passing of John Tapper (who was the 411 representative) we no longer have the volunteers necessary to raise funding and provide site monitoring. John Kitay and Tom Clarke will assume the coordination of 411/400 annual Get Together Lunch.

If there is anyone out there that would like to pick up the mantle and continue the work that Bill has done, please let him know.

Bill Bishop can be contacted by phone: 902 405 0957