Ron Wylie - Director

Service History

I began the induction process to join the RCAF (Aux) in Sept of 1959 and was sworn in 03 May 1960 and was posted to 3000 TTU as an Airframe Tech trainee. Posted to 400 Squadron in the spring of 1961 and participated in the parade for the presentation of the first RCAF Standard. While with 400 I qualified as a Float Crewman, Cargo Para Dispatcher and Aerial Photographer as I moved up in rank to Master Warrant Officer. Along the way I was awarded the Airman's Flying Badge. In addition, I was involved with the restoration of a Fleet Finch and McDonnell Banshee, both aircraft for the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

In 1977 I was posted to 411 Squadron as the Squadron Warrant Officer and promoted to Chief Warrant Officer. I carried out these duties until 1984 when I was posted to 2 Air Reserve Wing Headquarters.

On arrival at 2 Wing, I served as Supply Officer, Transport Officer and Maintenance Officer until appointed as the Wing Warrant Officer. I served in this capacity until the disbandment of the wing in 1996.

On release from the Air Reserve I joined 715 Mohawk Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets and was promoted to Captain. 2 years later I was promoted to Major and served as the Commanding Officer until retirement.

43 years service in total.

Civilian Work Experience - Overview

On leaving high school I worked in the printing business as a lithographic plate maker and prep department foreman until 1996. At that point I joined Canadian Tire as a Service Advisor and Parts Wizard until retirement in 2004.

Current Activities

On retirement I have increased my activities with Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Over the years I have been involved with the following aircraft restorations to flying condition: Avro Anson V, Cessna Crane, Avro Lancaster and am presently working on a Bristol Bolingbroke bomber. In addition, I am Chairman of the Acquisition's Committee and also a colour and markings specialist. I am also a member of the Jet Aircraft Museum in London.

For the past 38 years I have led a civilian air show team, The Blue Crew, that runs the ramp at numerous air shows around Ontario and upper New York state. Combined with maintenance on our home, "retirement" is just a word.


Any spare time is taken up with researching Canadian military aviation and aircraft and providing correct colours and markings to institutions that are doing restorations. I also enjoy model building (aircraft) and cooking ( I didn't get this big by missing many meals).


My involvement with the History Hangar has enhanced my knowledge of Canadian aviation history, 400 and 411 squadrons in particular. If anyone is interested in either of these squadrons, I would recommend they join the History Hangar, not just to learn more about the units, but to also hook up with old squadron mates.