Tomahawk I

CF Photo

Although not as fast or maneuverable as most other contemporary fighters, the P-40 was appreciated for its heavy armament and ability to withstand considerable damage. The Tomahawk was used in North Africa and South East Asia as well as along the west coast of North America. A Japanese Aircraft was destroyed by a Canadian Tomahawk in the defense of the Aleutian Islands. This Aircraft is a P-40B and retains the two machine-guns on top of the engine that were deleted in later versions.

The following photos were sent along by John Pat Lumley who joined the RCAF in '65 and finally retired from the CF in 2007. He never did serve with 400 Sqn or 411 Sqn as most of his 9400 flying hours were on the venerable C-47, the Herc and finally the Dash 8 (429 Sqn, 436 Sqn, 426 Sqn and 402 Sqn).

He explained: "The one on the ground, like your photo (at top of this page), is most probably a 400 Squadron aircraft despite the file name linking it with 403 Sqn (403 Sqn letters being "KH"). You can only see a portion of the first letter of the squadron code which is probably an "S". The photo was sent to me by Mr. A (Tony) Stachiw of Ottawa.

The second photo shows two 400 Squadron aircraft and was copied from the soft cover text "Camouflage & Markings RAF Northern Europe 1936 - 45".

There are also three pictures of 400 Sqn Tomahawks in Larry Milberry's "The Royal Canadian Air Force at War 1939 - 1945". Unfortunately, as you can see, the size of the book does not lend well to providing clean scans."

We will post a write up on the last five photos from Larry Milberry's book later this summer (2013)

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The following are from Larry Millberry's book "The Royal Canadian Air Force at War 1939 - 1945"